The GGA Project -- Day #118 "Mmmmmm, Zzzzzzzzz"

Ooh.  I am so tired, and I have no idea why.

I have just enough energy to report my joy at the arrival of our family friend Lynn for a weekend visit.

And to report, briefly, on

Today's New Activity: Ordering Cream of Asparagus Soup

Yeah, between work and visiting I didn't have time to set out on any major or even minor adventure today.  But the evening did find me with the fam and Lynn at Elephant Bar, which I sometimes avoid just because there aren't too many vegetarian options.  The thing about my vegetarianism is that it doesn't necessarily lead me to choosing what would seem to be the most obvious menu options, namely vegetables themselves.

So when our waitress mentioned that cream of asparagus (which I've never even heard of) was the soup of the day, I decided to go against my carb- and starch-lovin' ways and order soup and salad.

And cream of asparagus turns out to be super yummy.

And good night.

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  1. The Elephant Bar has a killer spinach / artichoke dip as an appetizer, but there might be something non-veggiesque hiding in there that you might not approve of. In any case, it is absolutely super- delicious! I believe it's, like, nine frajillion calories to the bite. Uh huh...