The GGA Project -- Day #68 "Mechalechahighmechaheinyho"

We had a pretty nice GGA playdate planned for tonight, me and the Pops.  He had tickets through work to a Cal vs. USC basketball game, and we were both pretty excited about going.  Though it's practically begging to be disowned from my family (my Dad and Bro, anyway), I was fully planning to root against the Trojans and support a team of my *chosen* hometown...or home area I should say.  Alas, a late escape from work, the realization that the game started 1/2 hour earlier than we thought, the trouble parking for Cal events, and the wet raininess making for even worse commute time traffic than usual all combined to make us decide to sit this game out.

The thing that made me mostly okay with the change of plans was that my baby had spent the night at his Dad's house last night, so I was missing him.  Instead of taking off for the game before his bedtime, I got to spend his remaining wakeful hours (after my workday) with him, catching up.

Sometimes, especially when I know we'll be spending time apart or when we've just been reunited, I like to take the baby into our room and chill out with him there, just the two of us.  It feels like special Mama/Son time.  During these moments, one thing he loves to do is play with my phone (of course!).  As much as I would love to just veg out and "talk" ("decaltacot, bikdamectabo..haha"  The little laugh is really in there.  It sounds like he's making jokes to himself), he's more into grabbing at stuff and scurrying around than vegging and gabbing.  To keep him from accidentally calling people (which he's done a number of times), I'll find a video on Youtube to watch on the phone so he'll relax from the incessant button pushing.

Some of the favorites include anything from Noggin,  (this song is the best!)

This cute one that my Ma found

and then, for Mama's sanity, any grownup music with a good beat that he'll like dancing and drumming to.  La Roux's "Bulletproof" is my current favorite

Trying to find overlap between the realms of what the kiddos like and what the parents like is no small task.  I don't like to let the monkey watch too much t.v., but during the moments when his Nana or I HAVE to get something done or just need a bit of down time, we will let him play in his playpen with Nick Jr. on.  A lot of the time it's background, but there are a few shows that are guaranteed to grab his attention.  One of them, Yo Gabba Gabba, is basically a 30-minute long acid trip/life lessons exercise set to repetitive and incredibly awkwardly phrased music.  The lessons are really good though, and there are always current young bands making guest appearances, so this one sits well with a lot of parents my age.

Sesame Street never disappoints me, but it has failed to capture the baby's imagination just yet.  Unfortunately, his favorite Sesame Street character is Elmo, a.k.a. Captain Obnoxious, so I pretty much avoid one of my own childhood favorites for the time being.

Yesterday, as I was sitting on my bed trying to think of what video to show him, I was hit with one of my most brilliant ideas to date.

Today's New Activity: Exposing Chupi to the Wonders of Pee Wee's Playhouse!

Yes, the word "exposing" is in acknowledgment of the early 90's scandal that rocked the worlds of Pee Wee's fans.  But that snafu aside, Paul Reubens has got to be one of the most genius performers ever to undertake the daunting task of entertaining children.  I don't know what special mojo is it that allows any adult to plug into a childlike frame-of-mind well enough to know what will thrill and crack the kiddies up (I mean really, what adult comes up with something like the Teletubbies?!), but Pee Wee had it in spades.

I think Pee Wee's Playhouse was the best show I ever saw as a kid (aside from the Dukes of Hazzard maybe).  I was super bummed that the show came on during my CCD class at church, as I rarely ever got to catch any current episodes.  And of course I wanted to live in Pee Wee's Playhouse, or at least his neighborhood.  How did they come up with all those fun elements that made kids loooovvve that show like no other?!  From Globey and Chairy to Today's Word and all the neighborhood characters, the upholstered, jagged-edged front door and the half-door everyone visited at, then the genie thing in the box!  So cool.

Check out Cowntess giving Cowboy Curtis dating advice

And this fun times sample

Man, where were all those memories buried, the ones this brings to mind?  I'm so grateful in this moment for Youtube and all the golden oldies it's brought back to the light of day.  Oh, and that has to be the longest beginning to any show in the history of shows.

I'm happy to report that monkey loved it.  I think he could have watched these clips all evening if I'd let him.  It did make me think of buying the series boxed set, which was put out a couple of years ago.  I'm sure he'll appreciate it one day, and me along with him.

Oh, and one last thought: I love how Pee Wee's then-odd, ultra-tailored suit is totally in style now.


  1. I loved watching Pee wee! and he'd sometimes have a little cooking lesson. I remember one time he made ice cream cake pudding. You take ice cream and cake and stir them together. It's really good! still a favorite. I should try this with Mo. He's luckily rejected Dora and Cailou is his fave. It's pretty good.


  2. love peewee!! maya liked it too. haven't showed it to sureya yet. i don't know what made the show so magical. all the kooky characters and the bright colors. thanks for bringing back this great childhood memory! :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pee Wee, but I take issue with any anti-Elmo rhetoric. I loved him dearly, and Chase did too. And I'd argue that, as good as Sesame Street always has been, Cookie Monster and that damn Big Bird are both uber-obnoxious. A chacun son gout, eh?