The GGA Project -- Day #63 "Virtual Recreation"

For Valentine's Day, my parents' gift to each other is a Wii, which they picked out today.  They chose the new black console along with a second, aqua blue second controller.


They were nice enough to let me get in on the action.

Today's New Activity: Playing Wii

I suppose I've technically done this before.  I bowled a single turn at my Aunt's house a couple of Christmases ago, but I don't count that.  Tonight I got in on a few of the games from Wii Resort, including table tennis, kayaking, and cycling.  It's more fun, but also harder, than I thought it would be.

I can see why so many people chose to do this for their actual exercise, especially people who live in areas where it's difficult or undesirable to leave the house this time of year.  The sunset settings and loads of greenery are almost enough to transport you to another place.  If it weren't so cartoony, I think I could live at the Wii Resort :)

I'm too tired tonight to put any major effort into playing to win, but it's fun to sample the options.

Other firsts for the day:

Bought a FasTrak at Costco, since I have to cross the bridge to pick up or drop off my son once or twice a week.  It'll be good to not have to think about having cash every time.

Also at Costco, I found a tub of something called Pub Mix, which I think should actually be called The Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies of Salty Snacks.  Check out these crunchy morsels

Not a dud among them!  You'd think it'd be 1/3 pretzel filler, but you'd be wrong.  It's a super hearty mix, just perfect for salty snack-a-ramas of the kind I participate in almost daily.

This could be dangerous.

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  1. HA! That Pub Mix is a staple in my subterranean world. I have found that my students work MUCH better if they are sated, and sometimes they just need to munch. This stuff is deadly-addictive, especially those weird cheese crouton-y pieces! Mmmm!