The GGA Project -- Day #59 "February at the Beach"

Who knew there was a little beach just up the freeway?  My parents mentioned having found this spot a few weeks ago, and I finally managed to drag Nicole and the girls up here today for an outing:

Today's New Activity: Visiting the Shoreline in Alameda

But first we hung out at home a little bit.

Hahaha...awww, she looks just short of disgusted   :P

Then, the drive.  I love seeing those two in the backseat together.  They are so mellow back there, just hanging out and gazing out the windows.  It made me wish I still lived down the street from Nicole and we could go everywhere together.  

Not only does the monkey love to play with Sureya, but her older sister Maya is a wonderful mentor, helper, and playmate--the baby just loves being with both of them.

It was yet another insanely gorgeous and unseasonably warm day in the Bay Area. The only seasonable aspect of it was a pretty intense wind, which was nice though, because it cleared out all hint of the smog that was hanging around yesterday.  We got a bit of a late start, so we didn't stay too long, but even late in the afternoon it was still warm enough to let the munchkins take their shoes and socks off and get their toes wet.

This was only the second time Chupi's been to the beach.  The first time he was just barely beginning to stand, though he couldn't yet do it on his own, and it was freezing cold that time so he didn't get to go in the water at all.

This time he was enthusiastically and yet cautiously stepping into the water and mostly keeping his balance as the tiny waves came and went.  Sureya was much more courageous, running headlong into the waves with no fear at all.

I know it looks like child neglect to have them out there like this in the middle of winter, but trust me it was very warm outside and the water wasn't even ridiculously cold.  Anyway they didn't care.  You couldn't keep them away from the water.  Though Nicole's efforts were most valiant:

We really didn't know what to expect from this park, plus we got a late start, so Nicole and I were both a little ill-prepared in terms of clothing and all the bring-along stuff Moms plan for when they know better.  In the end, after getting unexpectedly soaked, Sureya needed an extra shirt.  And she ended up wearing Chupi's.  Tee hee.  Just like a real girlfriend, borrowing her man's clothes!

Again, this was a day meant for appreciating the wonders in my own backyard.  I can't wait to revisit this site in the summertime...what a treat, just 1/2 hour away!

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  1. that was a great adventure! what a fun summertime spot that will be!! i'm going to bring out the beach bag, picnic blanket and beach toys! yahoo! and we'll remember to bring lunch and a change of clothes, too. when's the next backyard adventure? i'm there on a moment's notice! :) and, hey, you aren't too far away...just a hop/skip/jump up the bay. i'd drive across the country to see you every day! ;)