The GGA Project -- Day #54 "Sporty Lunch"

Today I spent my lunch at Taqueria Los Gallos, down the street from my work.  The food was, meh, ok.  I don't think I'll ever refuse a plate of cheese enchiladas with rice and beans (can't imagine how this combo could go too horribly wrong), but it wasn't anything to write or even text home about.

The nice twist on what was already a new experience (never been to this spot before) was the chance to take in some futbol while I ate.

Today's New Activity: Italian League Soccer Over Mexican Lunch

I love watching sports.  I really do.  I don't often go out of my way or plan around a sports broadcast, but if any kind of sporting event is on a nearby t.v., chances are I'm down to watch it.  While I don't know too much about futbol (I had to message in a lifeline to my friend Francisco to discover who the teams, "Bari" vs. "Inter" even were), I find it to be an especially appealing sport, mostly because of the fact that *almost* the whole world is crazy for it.

I was thinking it would be a super great tradition to take the monkey to the World Cup when it rolls around every 4 years.  I might spend all four years saving up for that trip each time, but I think it would be worth it for the experience and the memories it would no doubt create.

Honestly, that's about all I have to say about this day...it's been a long one!

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