The GGA Project -- Day #57 "Girly Girl"

I can definitely be influenced by advertising.  Most of the time, I make fun of commercials or just ignore them.  But once in a great while, a commercial comes along that makes me want to buy the advertised thing.  Examples:  Swiffer Sweeper with Vac (did not disappoint), Betty Crocker Warm Delights (did).

Yesterday, I saw an ad for what is supposed to be a magic new mascara.  And I know and trust this because...

Today's New Activity: Because Beyonce Told Me So

I'm not *really* into testimonials...she just happened to be the famous person peddling this particular cosmetic product, but the commercial itself worked on me.  I thought, 'yes!  I would like some more sparkle on the tiny hairs that line my eyelids!'  God, makeup, as a concept, is so weird.

Lately, I've been in the mood to be a bit more, how to say, frilly (?) than usual.  Maybe it has come along with my change of outlook, but I've bought some clothes recently that is more trendy and, well, date-appropriate than I'd bought in a long time.  I suppose I've just felt in the mood to live more prettily (for lack of a better description).

It probably has mostly to do with trying to ward off the Mom jeans and accompanying frump that can be the aesthetical downfall of so many well-intentioned Moms.  We want so "nobly" to devote our time and energy to the little ones, always at the expense of our own needs first.  And one of those needs is the need to look and feel like a woman who cares whether or not her hair is matted with peanut butter smears.  I don't think it has to be all or nothing, though.  Yes, I go out of the house in boring jeans and plain tops a lot more frequently than I would have when I was working full time, pre-baby, and enjoyed taking the time to look nice.  But I'm definitely not to the point of wearing sweats and pajamas to the grocery store, and hope I never will be.

This new mascara is not going to make or break my feelings regarding my appearance, of course.  It just sounded kind of fun and different, and new of course.  We shall see....

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  1. funny you posted this cuz i just threw out (donated) a bunch of my clothes and i am in desperate need of a new pretty non-mom wardrobe!