The GGA Project -- Day #56 "Three Cheers for Repurposing"

Today the monkey and I tagged along with my parents on one of their discover-the-attractions-in-your-own-backyard weekend day trips (they are still somewhat new to the Bay Area, having moved here about a year and half ago, and they love to just get in the car and drive and see where they end up.  I'm pretty sure they've seen more of the Bay Area in this way, in this brief period of time, than I have in my 11 years here).

Today's New Activity: Exploring the Presidio

The Presidio is a sprawling former army base at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is now a beautiful, well-used recreation area/residence/office space/events venue/cemetery--much better use of the space if you ask me.  I can't believe I'd never been to this place before!

First things first, though: lunch/dinner at a cool little pub called Liverpool Lil's, where we had a super yummy backed Brie and roasted garlic appetizer, served with bread and Granny Smith apples.  Then I had grownup macaroni and cheese as an entrée.  Mmmmmmmmm.

Anyway, in the midst of The Presidio is a Veteran's cemetery, which has given the fallen what I would venture to say is the most beautiful view ever afforded the no-longer-living, and for all time, no less.

It was breathtaking.

For a good while we just drove around taking in all the potential there at the Presidio to be explored, if one were to get an earlier start on the day.  There were loads of people jogging and biking and mopeding along the water with the Golden Gate Bridge standing as an iconic and awe-inspiring backdrop.

And my, it was such a gorgeous day.  I can't get over the fact that it's early February, the rest of the country in knee- or chest-deep in snow, and we're experiencing 72 degree weather in San Francisco!  I feel so lucky to be living right where I am.

Then we just drove all throughout the base, taking in the various views and the gorgeous architecture of all the buildings therein.  Before leaving for home, we went down by the water--practically underneath the bridge--and took about a million pictures while a group of at least 20 surfers floated in the water, waiting around for their chance at the tiny nods in the direction of actual waves that were coming up here and there.

We all took in the sunset

And just before we left, the lights on the bridge came on.

It's shameful that it took a project to get me down to this amazing spot, this singular spot in the world that so many people have come to appreciate, just 40 minutes away from my house.  I am really taking to this thing, this try new things thing.


  1. i know, it's a shame we live so close to these beautiful places just within reach. i felt that way after visiting the elephant seals and i vowed that day to do more daycations in the bay area! (beautiful photos, too, mama!)

  2. Did you pass the spot in the Presidio where Harold walks with his military uncle, right before they "lost Maude and her shrunken head"? That's what made me fall in love with the Presidio. Lovely pictures and great post!