The GGA Project -- Day #96 "Mini- R and R"

Break periods at my place of work are 10 minutes long.  Brutal!  While it can be a tiny bit of pause in the action to look forward to, it usually feels as though I've just sat down and it's time to go to work again.  It's a tease, a dangling carrot, a wetting of the lips in the midst of a vast desert.

Still, it's a break.

By the time the afternoon break rolls around I am feeling pretty tired of standing on my feet all day and ready to munch down whatever sweet snack I've squirreled away for the occasion.  The sweet snack is never very satisfying though.  It does the opposite of what I need done at the moment, which would be to have some kind of break that leaves me feeling simultaneously relaxed, refreshed, and energized.

Bring on

Today's New Activity: Unguided Meditation Break

Today I avoided the torture-fest that is the break room t.v., which usually streams wannabe judge shows all day long.  I wanted to get away from noise of any kind.  Since my branch got robbed three times in the fourth quarter of last year, they've put up super-thick bulletproof barriers that make it very difficult for customers to hear us talking.  As a result, I end up practically shouting all the time.  It can be pretty tiring on my voice and on my own ears.  I just wanted peeaaaace!

I stole away into a little room we call the "peep room."  I have no idea why we call it that...the name makes it sound a lot more tantalizing than it actually is.  All we keep in there are boxes of old files.  So I set the timer on my phone for ten minutes, turned the lights down in there, sat down and put my feet up, and set about to relax.  My only goal was to keep my eyes closed and breathe deeply.  Simple enough, right?

It can be kind of hard to relax when you're being timed at it, but still I was able to gather some good mojo in that brief period.  I didn't bother trying to clear my mind of everything.  That is not only pretty impossible, I don't really feel the need to.  I *like* the stuff in there.  So I did just the opposite in fact.  I took the opportunity to let my mind wander to all the places I'd love the let it loose in if I weren't promised to spending the day thinking about banking transactions.

Ten minutes isn't enough time to inadvertently get too caught up, or to fall asleep.  It was just enough time to--for the first time ever on this job I think--actually get rejuvenated during break time.  I have to say it was disappointing and sad when my timer went off and ruined my fun, but I think I've discovered the best possible way to pass the afternoon respite.  Finally!

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