The GGA Project -- Day #107 "Carlos"

It's been brutal trying to get to the gym lately.  When it's raining outside (8 days in a row or so, until yesterday) and I get home and get dry and get warm and get cozy, the idea of heading back out into the storm is less-than-appealing.  And plus I just go through phases where there are other things I'd rather be doing.  Plus I'm just lazy sometimes.  And so on.

Still, I swore to myself I was gonna go today.  I got home plenty early, had an early dinner, got The Monkey to bed on time, and even got *dressed* for the gym.  Alas, I got all caught up in blogging (catching up on yesterday), putzing around online, and then eventually just lost the momentum.  I did want to get some kind of workout in, though.

Today's New Activity: Hiring a Personal Trainer

Is it any wonder I should chose Carlos for the job?  Just check out that bod!

Plus (eat your hearts out, ladies)...he can dance.

Okay well technically he's boxing in this screen shot, but he CAN dance...salsa, merengue, cumbia....hot damn!

This is a game on my parents' Wii, of course.  And Carlos hardly qualifies as my personal trainer, though he did bill himself as such.  But he and his buddies did manage to get me moving and even working up a sweat.  It was actually pretty fun to do all the mini-workouts, and it was much easier to follow than most real life workout videos, maybe because a helpful preview of the next move pops up in the corner about 8 counts before the switch happens.

The best part was getting the chance to do raging bull-dodging, one of my personal favorite gym activities, in the comfort of my own home.  Finally!

The red ones go extra fast.  Obviously.  She looks exactly like me, by the way.  And I totally dressed like that when I went to the Running of the Bulls.

I never really got the hang of this little workout, not least because I never understood what I was doing there in Pamplona in the first place--given that every single other workout was either a dance or a kickbox, but oh well.  I'll give it another try at some point.

It's just good to know there's another decent home-based alternative for the periods of inertia that will no doubt keep me from leaving the house to work out at night on future occasions.  I'll just have to warn the folks to come check on me if they hear something that sounds like ripping flesh, followed by a bull's triumphant snorting.  No fear of death, no gain, right?


  1. So, which Wii system is this? Because we have Wii Fit, and it has yoga, strength, balance, and cardio, but no bulls to run from! If I'm working out at home, I want bulls, for crying out loud!

  2. love your mii! looks just like yuu! ;) and you really DID run with the bulls! i forgot about that. you get double bonus points for awesomeness!