The GGA Project -- Day #86 "A Right at the Fork"

There is a lake very close to where I live that I discovered a few months back and which I've taken the monkey to for strolls and visits with ducks.  It's very clean and accessible, and nice because visits to the nearby park can get a bit dull.  For some reason I've always gone the same way when we get there, down a trail that passes a mini paddle boat and fishing canoe harbor, as well as a bait shop/snack shack (which, in my opinion, are two things that shouldn't really be housed in the same building...kinda gross to be munching on french fries while some guy's loading up a bag full o' critters nearby).

The complete trail around the lake is 13 miles long, and since I'm always with the baby I haven't ventured too far around it.  I really don't know why I always go the same way, especially since from the vantage point of my usual route, the other side of the lake always seems sunnier and warmer (because of the lack of afternoon shade cover--I've only been in the afternoon).

Today's New Activity: Getting to Know Lake Chabot

(it rhymes if you pronounce it right :)) Today I brought my Ma along, and we took a right at the trail head's fork, just to see what was up on that side of the lake.

There were cranes!

And pretty views from benches

And trees reaching with everything in them to find some sun

And middle-of-nowhere docks with ducks (that's my Mama)  :)

There were the trees on the ridge line, and beautiful sunlight, filtered through the clouds

And, finally, this magical bridge, which I was having a magical moment on until a crazed, rabid runner almost ran The Monkey and me over, snarling out a "s'CUSE me!" as she blew past.

I think I like this way around the lake better.  And I saw a third trail head today as well that I'll have to venture down at some point.

It's nice now that my son is older and can walk along exploring things.  Today he was checking out a bunch of ants and laughing and laughing like it was the most hilarious thing he could ever see.  He was also running and trying to gallop and becoming interested in every little thing he sees and sound he hears.  And now that his big ole molars have busted through he is back to his normal, super happy self, which is a relief on many levels.

I know I can kind of harp on this a lot, but I'm going to say it again, about how much I appreciate living here in Northern California, where quite literally a 10-minute drive can always lead to something beautiful to be explored.  And yes, even in the beginning of March--when people in other parts of the country are still staring at blackened heaps of snow.

You should come visit, whoever you are and wherever you may be...

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