The GGA Project -- Day #103 "Serenade"

Today we here in NorCal received the continuation of revenge winter, which has been anticipated since January, the entirety of which was spent sipping a collective Mai Tai at the beach.  It was day 5 or 6 of what's supposed to be a 10-day rainy streak, and today seemed the most violently wet day yet (although a giant tree in my neighborhood was uprooted last Sunday, blocking the entire exit road--the sight of it, so many years of growth just dead in an instant like that almost made me cry).

It was no surprise that nobody but the insane or extremely bored or overdue on a credit card payment would have ventured out to the bank today, and it made for a very long, very sleepirific shift.  The slow passing of time, coupled with my lack of sleep after catching a late movie last night, combined to leave me yearning for a nap by lunchtime.  While I new falling asleep (after just having finished drinking a latte) was out of the question, it did seem like the perfect circumstances for

Today's New Activity: Lunchtime Rain Lullaby

Of course I don't have to tell you that few things rival the sound and/or smell of falling rain in terms of sensory experience.  One of my favorite memories of my entire life was napping with the window open to the sound of falling rain, during monsoon season when I lived in Arizona.  I thought today would be a good day to escape the breakroom fluorescent lighting I've mentioned and enjoy the rain from inside my car.

I got under a blanket that I keep in there for Monkey, all warm and cozy-like, and just closed my eyes and listened.

After a while spent in this way it was pretty much torture to tear myself away and head back to work, but at least I felt refreshed.  Now if only the sound and smell of rain could come without all the pesky wetness...

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