The GGA Project -- Day #108 "Big, Dangling Carrots"

The Mamas out there can attest that sometimes we really have to psych ourselves up for a trip to the park.  At least I *hope* I'm not the only mom out there who feels this way.  The thing is that when the kids are my son's age, the park is more work/stress than it is fun because everything still seems like a big falling danger and there isn't a single thing the tot can play on or with that doesn't require major parental assistance.  Still, I know the park is good for Monkey and that he enjoys himself whenever we go.  And I have super Mom Guilt over the constant question of whether or not I take him to the park enough, just because worrying about whether I feed him well enough, whether his development is on track, whether I've got the right discipline approach, whether I can support him financially well enough, etc, etc, isn't enough to make me feel guilty.  I needed--like all of us mamas do--just one more thing to fret over.

So.  Today we planned to spend shopping with my own Mama, starting right after her morning dentist appointment.  We dropped her off and went across the street to Target, where the Easter Bunny and I met and did some collaboration.  After that, I wanted nothing more than to just relax and have some coffee until my Mom's appointment was over.  But it just so happened I'd spotted a giant park right across the street from Target that I'd somehow never noticed before (I can kind of get tunnel vision when it comes to Target (real Happiest Place on Earth)).  And guilt about the fact that poor Monkey would be shopping all day was enough to get me out of lazy mode and off for

Today's New Activity: Super Fun New Park, Super Disappointed Monkey

When we got to the park, the first thing I noticed was the sound of a rooster crowing, though I didn't see any livestock around.  Then we saw a train track, though we didn't see any train.

The toys were a good distance from where we parked the car, and somehow during the whole approach I'd also missed an entire carousel, which I didn't take notice of until I heard the music start to play, kids running toward it from all corners of the playground.  It was then that I also saw a ticket kiosk and, in the distance, all the makings of a petting zoo.  How had I seen/heard nothing of this awesome park until today?!

For a while, Monkey was content to play on a tire swing (which I actually never see in parks anymore and had completely forgotten even existed until today)

After a little while he sort of plugged into the carousel noise and decided to go investigate.  This was one of the saddest scenes I've ever been witness to involving my son:

Such longing!  Such wistfulness!  Unfortunately, since all this potential fun was a total surprise to me, I'd left my wallet in the car, so we couldn't buy tickets for the ride.  At one point (since the entrance was out of sight), he actually attempted to just bust right in

More Mama Guilt!!  And it's not like I spoil him and give him whatever he wants, but this would have been a nice, rare treat :(  I could have just gone back to the car for money, but I knew my Mom wouldn't be long at that point, so I resolved to come back another time soon and make a whole day of it.  There was a ton of wide open, grassy space to let the kids run around, too.

Monkey was a little reluctant to go, but I let him carry the Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino he was nursing, so he came along with me, eventually, and at his own pace.

And we even got to see the train on a practice run on our way back to the car.  I have a feeling this spot will become a favorite in no time!

And in just a bit of random news...I found out I won't be able to transfer closer to home rather than be transfered to the further away location my bank is sending me to, so that means I'm more resolved than ever to get a new job.  The resolution, in fact, is to apply for a least one job every day (sounds easy, but since I'm only applying to jobs I really really want, it takes a bit more effort than I'm accustomed to).

Also, a quick follow up to my "Never Hurts to Ask" post: I didn't hear anything about a sponsorship, but in true never-hurts-to-ask mentality, today I asked a clerk at DSW to honor a six-weeks expired, $10 off coupon I had and his manager went for it!  Hey, it never hurts.  And I wouldn't have even asked before, but that was an easy way to save ten bucks.

So also in the spirit of how it never hurts to ask, I've decided today that I will ask Mark Zuckerberg for a meeting.  Somehow.  I have ideas, man!  Well, I have idea anyway.  And I want to share it.  And he does live/work 30 minutes away from here.  I mean really, why not?


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