The GGA Project -- Day #85 "Not a Dead Animal in Sight"

Yada yada yada I'm a vegetarian.  I've already written about that at length.  But one thing I'm not, and it's a very big distinction (if you're not already aware) is a vegan.  Vegans refrain from eating not only meat, but animal by-products of any kind.  It is a very challenging lifestyle to lead, not only because it's difficult to always know every ingredient contained in foods not made from scratch at home, but because vegan versions of food that would otherwise contain dairy products or meat just generally suck.  I think that most people would be very thin if they chose to go vegan, primarily because a good deal of the joy to be found in eating is just gone.  But then that's just my opinion of course.

Despite having this general assessment/fear of veganism, I've been eager to check out a vegan restaurant in Milpitas that opened last year to rave reviews on Yelp.

Today's New Activity: Take-out from The Loving Hut

If you were to see this sign alone outside The Loving Hut, you may be inclined to think it were a different kind of establishment entirely.

"Be Veg Go Green" is almost a secret.  It was probably feedback along those lines that prompted them to also put up this second, more descriptive sign:

The Loving Hut is located in a shopping center that I was beginning to think one had to be Asian to even park at.  I believe I was the only non-Asian person anywhere in sight, which I take as a good sign, since the restaurant--like all of the the many restaurants in the center--serves mostly Asian cuisine.  As everybody knows, it's best to stick to so-called ethnic food that people of that food's own ethnicity have given their stamp of approval.

There were a lot of appetizing choices on the menu, but I had to limit it to one since I was buying for myself only and it was also a bit pricier than I expected.  The $10.95 I paid for Kung Pao tofu didn't include rice.  $13.06 for takeout for one person is more than I'm used to paying.

Good thing a) the Kung Pao tofu was suuuuuper yummy and well worth it, and b) there was enough of it to make three full meals.  It was spicy, and the vegetables (baby corn, red bell peppers, zucchini) were clearly fresh and not overcooked.

Mmm hmmm.

I'm looking forward to going back with friends so I can give more of the menu items a go.

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