The GGA Project -- Day #355 "Bottom of the Barrel..."

Okay.  You know you're 355 days into an EVERYday for 365 days project when the best you can come up with is

Today's New Activity: Ridiculous Mouth-Washing Experience

So I wanted to try out the new Listerine whitening mouthwash.  And so I did.  But I'm not sure I'd advise it.

Here's the thing: it contains hydrogen peroxide.  Did you even know you could put that in your mouth?  I didn't.  Anyway, you have to swish it around for a whole minute while it burns and burns the insides of your mouth.

And THEN, you wake up the next morning with the inner lining of your cheeks sloughing off.  What the hell is THAT?!  Could this really be a safe, good idea?

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  1. dental care is a sham! ;) i mean, brushing teeth is good and flossing, too. but all this whitening crap is crazy. CRAZY! :) cute post.