The GGA Project -- Day #357 "Sweet Accompaniment"

Tonight was my company's holiday dinner at Maggiano's (which, if you'll remember, was where I was just shy of a year ago, when I decided to start the GGA, or Great Gnocchi Awakening Project).  The dinner isn't always held at Maggiano's, but it went off so well last year as planned by one of my coworkers at my old branch that when my boss asked me to plan this year's dinner for this branch, Maggiano's seemed a good bed.

The upcoming dinner and the thought of getting dressy for it was what prompted the Biggest Loser Challenge we started a month ago.  Yeah...that didn't go so well.  The only person who lost more than a pound was my coworker Elias, who lost 17 of them!!  That's pretty awesome for one month's work.  The rest of us, sadly to say, actually gained about a pound each, hahaha.  My boss suggested that had we not been doing the challenge, the damage might have been worse over the Thanksgiving holiday, and that's probably true.  So I guess it's a success of sorts, especially for Elias, whose wife is pregnant and who wanted to get a little healthier in advance of his first child's arrival.

Anyway, weight loss or no, the talk around work over the past few days was about what we were all gonna wear.  The women were exited to dress up, and the guys went along with it.  Being a little spiffed up and all, I thought that--in ordering a drink with dinner--I should forego the very blue collar option of beer, which is pretty much the only alcohol I care to consume these days, aside from the occasional glass of wine, and go with a more, well, girly option.

Today's New Activity: Lemon Drop!

I didn't even know what a Lemon Drop was.  I'd just heard of it, and I must have seen somebody order it once because I knew there was sugar around the rim.  It looks like this (yanked this image off Google):

And it tastes just exactly how you'd expect something called a Lemon Drop with a sugary rim to taste.  Yummy.  Oh so girly.  It was fitting.

The dinner was a little awkward at the outset, since they put us in a room in the back and we were missing the (for me) welcome distraction of other people to watch and conversation to overhear.  But once the food started coming everyone loosened up a bit.  Mostly, it was just nice to be with coworkers and not have to be wearing our ill-fitting, synthetic material uniforms for once :)

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